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Increasing productivity & reducing IT-based risk

ADNS Education has over a decade of experience in the education sector. Offering bespoke IT network solutions based on your school or trust's needs, we improve your productivity, reduce your IT-based risk and deliver a better learning and teaching experience for students, staff and parents.

We deliver a professional, friendly and approachable service with open and honest communication, providing support where and when you need it to keep your network and IT systems performing and your classroom connected. Your school’s network solution will be delivered in a timely manner, with honest, accurate timescales and no hidden costs. 

Working with you and your school every step of the way, we willl provide a bespoke solution to address your requirements individually, including delivering end user training to ensure services, products and systems are accessible and easy to use for staff, students and parents.

ADNS Education pride ourselves on giving professional polite assistance when needed, with advice explained in an easy to understand and down to earth way to allow your school and pupils to thrive. 

Contact us today to discuss your IT Systems and how ADNS Education can improve your productivity and reduce your IT-based risk.

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